Shamanism is the most ancient of spiritual practices. A Shaman believes that everything has Spirit. Compassionate Spirits form the Life force energy in all things and everything is interconnected in our universe. This web of life has an infinite amount of power to send to the physical world. By understanding and connecting to this power, we support our evolution toward greater holistic health. This power also teaches us to be human and to live in sync with nature. As a shamanic practitioner I will act as a bridge to the spiritual world by drumming or rattling as an entry point to consult with my fully transcended, compassionate spirits: ancestors, nature spirits, animal spirits and teachers for healing physical and/or emotional issues for my clients. The same applies for long distance healings because spirits work outside of time and space. Let me guide you to the deep place within where magic happens with synchronicity, symbolism & metaphor.

During a session and after the initial consent, I will offer a Divination Journey into my clients' state of being by acting as the hollow bone and letting spirits message come through. The power to heal comes only from the spirits, however with discipline and intention I am able to move back and forth between the spirit and the physical worlds. No mind altering drugs are being used. Everything in shamanic healing starts with Divination. By using Journeywork, Dreamwork, and my own divination tools, spontaneous and direct revelation happens and most questions you may have about your life can be addressed. This Divination will also determine the type of healing prescribed by the spirits. Throughout history, indigenous people of many different cultures have utilized these methods of contacting spirits. They have used tools such as journeying, as well as chanting and singing, to call to the Great Mystery to hear their prayers for healing and support. A strong intention for healing from the client is also very important for the success of the healing or divination. Wherever you are on your path, shamanic healing can help you decide what next step to take, to recover your connection to the powers of nature and awaken your consciousness to the interdependence of all of life. In short, become your own shaman: an artist of the spirit.

When walking into a space invokes Anger, Fear or Anxiety, that is most likely caused by lost souls lingering. These souls are largely unaware that they have died and for a multitude of reasons have not crossed over yet to make their journey into the light. Through a Psychopomp ceremony lingering lost souls can be transformed and helped to cross over to their next realm. The Psychopomp ceremony facilitates escorting souls into the afterlife by guiding the souls where they wish to be. Once this ceremony has been successfully performed it is instantly felt.

Extraction is the removal of misplaced energy called "intrusions". This is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause disease. Intrusions can be manifested as physical pain, anger, fatigue, emotional stress and various localized illnesses. Intrusions might be spiritual blockages or negative energy that was taken on. These blockages often are caused by thought forms and clogged emotions that have grown into living energetic beings that can be removed through Compassionate Depossession work. We may have created intrusions or possessions for ourselves or picked them up from our environment. Lingering suffering beings might have attached themselves to a person and many are not aware that they have died. The host will feel overshadowed, unfocused, and riddled by diseases and addictions. As a Shamanic Practitioner I will call upon specialized acquired spirits to locate these energies and report the diagnosis. With my client's permission, these intrusions or possessions will be extracted by removing and transforming these harmful energies and by returning them safely to where they belong. These intrusions will be replaced with renewed energy or soul essence. (See soul retrieval)

When in your life did you stop singing, dancing or moving in your body? When did you stop being enchanted by stories, in particular, your own life story? When in your life did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence? Native Americans believe whenever we stop doing any of these, we begin to experience soul loss or loss of spirit. One common cause of illness is Soul loss. Soul loss is caused by a variety of traumas we experience going through life when vital essence has left. A Soul might leave the body to survive chronic or serious illness, physical or sexual abuse, childhood trauma, War, death of a loved one, separation or divorce, continuous grief, or an accident. Part of the soul of a traumatized person might escape to survive the ordeal. A fragmented self, memory loss, difficulty staying present, numbness, chronic depression, an impacted immune system, chronic illness while growing up are all indications of soul loss. In addition, traumas that can cause soul loss are often inflicted by people who are victims of their own traumas and the great chain of soul loss continues as one generation passes its injury on to the next. Soul loss when it occurs can save a life by making the trauma bearable, but when not restored to its vital essence, can be harmful and can cause illness or even death. Since we no longer live in a tribal community where Soul retrievals were being performed on a regular basis, my job as practitioner is to find out if soul loss has occurred and if that soul part can be safely returned. Through the process of Power Soul retrieval it is possible to carry back information in order to bring forward positive changes in a person's life. Imagine your vital essence being reinstated.

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