Rev. Petra Loewen, MA

Hi, I’m Petra Loewen.

Are you interested in properly feeding your body, mind and spirit by accessing ancient healing wisdom? You're in the right place!

Through highly individual counseling we will address all issues at hand while using proper nutritional guidance, sound and scent healing.

I am a shamanic practioner, shamanic counselor, graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), a professional Aromatherapist and an Herbalist. I utilize tools like meditation, sound and scent to satisfy the human need to nourish primal hungers, while creating pathways for growth into positive transformations in all of a person's relations.


Marji McDowall from shares her experiences with Healing with Spirits. Quite interesting what developed.
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Valerie Okunami from Bizi Yogi at KCOR Digital Radio talks with me about her experience at Healing With Spirits.
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